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Welcome to my Karaoke Site

PLEASE VISIT MY NEW WEBSITE: www.nescomanojonline.blogspot.in - No registration required and direct fast free download

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THIS SITE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO nescomanojonline.blogspot.in


Dear friends,

Thank you for visiting my site. I am Manoj, basically a software professional, residing at Trivandrum in Kerala State, INDIA. Welcome to my world of Karaoke Songs. The songs collected from various resources and uploaded in the site are for you. I always try to upload good quality songs. You can download all these songs free of cost. Most of the songs are collected from various sites and I am not sure about its quality. But, around 500 songs are my own creation.

Lots of people around the world are asking me how to create karaoke tracks by removing vocals. Removing vocal track from a pre-recorded song is not an easy job. Lot of experiements with various software is required so as to ensure the quality of sound. Vocal tracks of all mp3 songs cannot be removed completely. The compression algorithms used in mp3 format may not necessarily be suitable for making karaoke songs. The success depends upon the method of sound mixing used in the input song, that is the song which you want to make karaoke.

If the input is in its original format (wav), maximum quality can be ensured. Please take note that by the simple coverting of an mp3 format into wave format, you won't get the desired quality. So it is best to use WAV format files created from original CD tracks. Certain software used for my creation of karaoke songs are Steniberg Nuendo, Cool Edit, Adobe Audition and Audacity with various VST plug-ins etc.

If anybody wants new karaoke other than the songs uploaded in this site, please send me your good quality song as an email attachment. I shall try to remove the vocal (if it is possible) and upload it for you provided if I get free time. Please take note that I would upload the same only if I get the desired output quality.

Making karaoke song is my hobby only and I am not taking any monetary benefits from anybody for this. If you face any difficulty in downloading the songs, please let me know. Also inform me about the broken links or duplicates(if any) noticed during the process of downloading. I shall help you to get the solution. Please contact me via Email: nescomanoj@gmail.com. Make a habit to visit this site regularly, as I am uploadiing new and new karaoke songs. Thanking you all.

With warm regards,


Manoj A.R.



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